Studio 609 is six minutes of dance music bliss from Lucky Jesus

  • by Adam

“Studio 609” is six minutes of dance music bliss from Lucky Jesus

Lucky Jesus is making a name for themselves with original tech house music that pushes the boundaries of the genre to create memorable dance floor experiences.

Now they are expanding their reach, with an irresistible and danceable new single that showcases what they do best.

“Studio 609” is six minutes of dance music bliss. The beat is propulsive, the melodies are warm and inviting, and the whole piece is anchored by a syncopated bass line that is impossible to ignore. In classic house form, the vocals add a mysterious aura that ties the track together and elevates it into one of the electronic tracks you can’t miss this year.

“Studio 609” is available at:

More to come soon!

ARTIST: Lucky Jesus
TITLE: Studio 609
LABEL: Data Tech
CAT. #: # 631
GENRE: Tech House
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 28/10/2019

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