Interview with Dinkis

Interview with Dinkis

Interview with Dinkis


f: How are you? How has summer been?

Dinkis: Hello guys. I’m fine, I hope you too. This summer was not the best of my life. Changes that hurt me, but that helped me fight my fears. I worked a lot this summer, the inspiration was high, and in the following months you will find out what I’m talking about.


f: Where and when did you first get into dance music? What turned you on about it?

Dinkis: Since I was a child I have always been ambitious and listened to good music. Growing up I became more and more passionate about electronic music, I realized that I could also do something of my own.

And over the years I’ve always focused only on emotions. I started making music better suited to clubs, and today I find myself making electronic music with the ambition to work for the real art world.


f: How long till you started DJing and producing? What did you make at first?

Dinkis: I always felt that fire inside but before I decided to make myself a slave to music I worked in various fields. At one point I decided to stop working for others, because even if I put my heart into what I was doing, in the end, I always lost. Every time I left a job, I felt that fire inside burning more and more, but that last time I decided to put my life on the line.


f: What are your aims when music making, what is your sound and style?

Dinkis: Kidnap people’s hearts. When I make music I always transcribe periods and emotions of my life. And I think it’s the goal of many artists, when a person has goose bumps for their music, it means that that emotion has reached the heart of the listener. Over the years, I have modelled my own sound to make it more and more recognisable. I came to this by letting what I have inside speak, without following any rule.

For me this is important, transcribe real emotions on a journey, and this is what abducts them.


f: What gear do you use in the studio? Hardware, software, does it matter?

Dinkis: I use few tools. I focus only on the Ableton plugins, I’ve never used any other than this. I feel faithful to this software. I think these plugins are very well made, by working on them I can get close to an analogue sound. Then it all depends on my creativity, inspiration and mood of the moment.


f: What is your dj style? Long and slow mixes or hard and fast, do you pump the party or plot more of a journey?

Dinkis: Today I don’t feel like a dj. I’d like to play my records live in places like theatres and work with my music in the film world. I like being a true artist, but sometimes I get to dj, it’s very funny. And at the beginning of next year I will be playing in Morocco, it has been a long time since I performed.

For my sets I like to organise a long journey, long and elastic mixes. I can also put a different genre record, I like to twist. It depends on the situation, the place and the contact that is created with people.


f: How important are the vocals in dance music, do the words matter or is it just about the sounds of the voice?

Dinkis: For me, only music matters. I love the songs I sing, and I envy those who sing because they can communicate in the best way what they feel inside. I only speak with my music and my titles. Instead of the voice I make the soul speak.


f: What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?

Dinkis: Many ideas travel in my mind at the same time, but time and patience are important for their development. I can tell you that many new things will come and I will tell you some. In January the last chapter of this story will be released. Prepare your minds for a long journey, and in the spring we will launch our second collection of clothes.

Instead with my friend Michele Anullo we will release our second EP together. This time it will be an EP different from the previous one. That was done following my ideas, but this will follow his style. You will recognise my sounds, but the beat and the structure will be signed by Michele. Also we are very excited about the first Wout Records tour. We will leave in February from Rabat, Morocco, and from there the road will be long.


What was the last record you bought and why?

Dinkis: It was 2010, in Verona with my friend Marco. We went into a record store and the owner gave me a record in my hands. He told me to listen to him, he understood what I was looking for. The record was Nick Curly’s “Sun City” released on Cocoon Recordings, and was one of my favorite records in those years.

Now I haven’t bought any records for a long time, my creativity and my tastes have changed almost radically since that year. In recent years, I have only sold the records, and I hope that whoever buys this new record of mine will be passionate about my stories and I will be able to leave emotions in their hearts.

It was an interesting talk. Thanks!


Pre-order Dinkis EP “New Light” released on Wout Records here





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