The Iboga Records techno arm is presenting their new “Deviations IV” compilation

The Iboga Records techno arm is presenting their new “Deviations IV” compilation

The influential danish imprint Iboga is well known for their top Psytrance releases, but also for their successful incursions in genres that range from downtempo and progressive to house and techno. Deviations IV published on IbogaTech is very strong evidence of Iboga´s high standards where the one and only Glen C Geist has done an outstanding selection of thirteen cuts.

Deviations IV explores the detailed and imaginatively layered side of progressive, melodic techno and house grooves, finding the colourfully hazy spot where genres meet and mix. 

Shunus, Diamandy, Sharshar, Marco Uson, Aurelius Zon, Dan Baber, DreamAwaken and Geist are some of the names that make this release as powerful that could equally work perfectly for a breathless sunrise to a sweaty emotional sunset.

01 Sharshar, Stephane Salerno – Salima
02 Steve Self – 60 Velones
03 Diamandy, Doppel – Distance Between Us
04 Geist – Under the Lights
05 Geist, Shunus – Windbag
06 Dan Baber, Fractal Architect – Beast
07 Sonic Union, Geist – Devcon4
08 Shunus – Bohemia
09 Bes – Sweet As
10 Matt Dwellers – Dreamers
11 Al Lindrum – I Am
12 Aurelius Zon, Marco Uson – Árboles Frente a Mi Ventana
13 DreamAwaken – Seventh Seals

“Deviations IV” will be out this 25/10

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