Saronde duo release single ‘Shitongolwa’ ahead of release launch party

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Saronde duo release single ‘Shitongolwa’ ahead of release launch party

Saronde Duo Release Single ‘Shitongolwa’ Ahead of Release Launch Party

After a summer of touring the best of the summer festivals, from Glastonbury and Boomtown to Elrow Ibiza and Osheaga Montreal, Saronde are proud to present their new single ‘Shitongolwa. With strong support already coming from The Black Madonna, Richie Hawtin, Auntie Flo, Danny Tenaglia and Beats 1 Anna Lunoe, the track is released 18th October.

The Beating Heart label founders have travelled across Africa recording contemporary artists working alongside vintage field recordings, all fused with a modern musical twist. This time they’re joined by Boys Ride Bikes who has remixed single ‘Kilamu’ increasing the bpm to create a hypnotic, multi-coloured landscape to journey through, with original vocals sampled from the archive mixed with a contemporary rap by Blinky Bill and a healing-vibes chorus from Idd Aziz, both hot from Nairobi. 

New single ‘Shitongolwa’ is an up-tempo slice of pure joy. Highlife guitar and an uplifting Wanga (Kenya) vocal are fused with contemporary drums and bass. A real feel-good track that has been bringing positivity, smiling faces and lots of high energy stomping to dance floors all summer. 

Kouslin (Le Chatroom) turns in a Bangerr of a remix of Shitongolwa. Stuttering drums building with cut up vocals and effects, turn this into a peak time energetic Afro House bomb.

The Beating Heart label spurs a new wave of collaboration between Africa and the rest of the world, by using an untapped archive of 70-year-old field recordings housed at the International Library of African Music (ILAM) founded by ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey. 

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