Motion release statement on the club’s situation…

Motion release statement on the clubs situation...

Motion release statement on the club’s situation…

With so much development going on around our venue, we have been doing a lot of thinking about our future. We want the venue to survive these changes and think it can into the foreseeable future. So today we are submitting our Community Right to Bid application to Bristol City Council, to make our intention clear that if our landlord decides to sell our building we want to buy it. We need the city and beyond to get behind us. This is a positive move for us, safeguarding jobs and valuable income to the local nighttime economy.

The Community Right to Bid allows communities to nominate buildings or land for listing by the local authority as an asset of community value. If the assets come up for sale, the community can ‘pause’ the sale and take up to six months to find the funding required to buy the asset.

Motion’s Directors:

Dan Deeks: “If we were able to buy the building we’d be able to safeguard the venue and be in control of the future of Motion. We have a great relationship with our landlord and are positive they will see the contribution we make to the city and support this.

Martin Page: “We plan to be here indefinitely, this option will safeguard the employment within the area and our customers right to enjoy the venue. We’ll be keeping people up to date as we progress talks to purchase the site. In the meantime, it’s business as usual as we strive to fight for the venue we love”

This is positive news which we’ll have more information on as we have it.

In the meantime please continue to support our petition to introduce a deed of easement protecting Motion from new developments surrounding the venue:


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