feeder insider interview with Pivotal [en]

feeder insider with Pivotal

feeder insider interview with Pivotal [en]

Pivotal is a new concept launched this Friday in Bucharest, giving a communication platform for the clubbing scene as it is today. A conference followed by a party on the same night, Pivotal wants to open for its first edition a parallel between club culture in Bucharest 15-20 years ago and how it presents now.

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The first party we went together was… Dimitri from Paris, WTP, 2007.
If Pivotal were a dish, it would be… Stew (comfort food combining different ingredients).
That Bucharest party spot we miss is… Web Club.
The speaker we dream of inviting to our conferences is… we already invited them.
The best electronic music event we attended ever was… Jeff Mills, Studio Martin, 2007.
Before Pivotal, it was… (or is) @plan.program, Sunday Scoop, Color, Cabal etc.
If we had to revive one local party series, it would be… Chestionabil.
The artist we consider has contributed to the club culture as it is today here is… Frankie Knuckles – INT / Rhadoo – RO.
The most promising trend in club culture right now is… we haven’t decided yet.
3 female Dj and/or producers we admire… Ellen Allien, Alexandra, Cassy.


feeder.ro: Pivotal is a new platform of dialogue for the clubbing culture in Bucharest. Who are you and how did you come up with the idea?

Pivotal: Razvan Sîrbu and Mihai Dragomir, the people behind @plan.program, Sunday Scoop and collaborators to Color and Cabal. The idea came from a lack of dialogue between some of the main people on the local electronic music scene and also between the promoters and the crowd.


f: A new concept in Bucharest, Pivotal is designed as a duo event – a conference about clubbing culture, followed by a party. Why did you create this mix and what benefits do you think it can offer to both local artists and public?

Pivotal: The main objective of the project is to create a common ground for the entire local electronic music scene regardless of the genre. There are so many problems that the promoters, the clubs and the crowd are experiencing at this point that we think that we can only solve together.

Dialog Pivotal — Cultura de club: atunci și acum. @ Expiratf: The first Dialog Pivotal happens this Friday at Expirat from 7 pm. What subject did you choose for this conference and who will form the panel of discussion?

Pivotal: The first panel includes Antonio Nartea (Platforma Wolff), Cosima Opartan (Corp.), Club Guesthouse Crew, PlayedBy Crew and Serban Goanta (aka Kozo). They are going to discuss how the local electronic music scene got started and how it evolved through the years.


f: What topics do you have in mind for future Dialog Pivotal events and why?

Pivotal: We have a few topics on our mind, but we want to see what happens at the first discussion and if there is something more important to debate at this moment.

Pivotal w/ Youandewan, Vlad Caia, Dragoș Ilici, Paul Popa @ Guesthousef: After the conference, all guests are invited to party at Guesthouse. What do you think this new concept brings to today’s clubbing scene?

Pivotal: It brings our vision on what a good party looks like, nothing groundbreaking. The only thing that we want is to promote it through some groups of friends who don’t usually go out to electronic music events and try to change their perspective.


f: What do you feel current club culture lacks and how do you believe these things can be overcome?

Pivotal: More open-mindedness for the crowd especially because it is important for personal growth but also for the local electronic music scene. Therefore, promoters and clubs can create more diversity.


f: feeder.ro turns 15 this year as one of the main alternative news agency in Romania. What is your message for our community of loyal readers, supporting us for a decade and a half?

Pivotal: It’s not only your community, but for everybody: be more open-minded, listen to more music genres because it’s healthy for your mind and, as we said earlier, it’s important for your personal growth.


Words by Sinzi Baltac  

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