Various Artists – MUZI cartel 002 [MUZI cartel]

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Various Artists – MUZI cartel 002 [MUZI cartel]

Belgium-based vinyl-only record label MUZI cartel returns with its second release, a Various Artists compilation packing four fresh cuts signed by Dubfluss, Jamahr, 2Vilas and local artist Bryz. Designed with bright and engaging minimalistic rhythms, the wax will take you on a journey into an eclectic dimension of modern sounds.

After a series of successful events organised in 2018 starring big players in the scene like East End Dubs, Arapu, Viceversa, Ray Mono, Viktor Udvari, Mrsch and others, the team behind the MUZI cartel project took things to the next level earlier this year, with the release of their first 12”, yet another VA. Operating from their headquarters, Café Charlatan in Gent, they bring forward a vibrant and distinct blend of house and techno music, with their tagline “smuggling sounds across the borders of music” saying it all. Let’s dive in the latest material and explore each track:

Side A opens with “Milow” delivered by Rowle co-founder Mattia Bellon aka Dubfluss, a deep and smooth cut flavoured with evolving atmospheres, playful arrangements and a subtle funky feeling. Known for his releases with Moan, Hund Records, Kina Music, Body Parts and Moral Fiber, he once again showcases his ability to create groovy and organic compositions, just like we’re accustomed to. Next, we find Jacopo Iotti and Mario Cardamone aka Jamahr with their piece “Ice Shelf”, a dreamy cut that flows with elegance, guided by its solid drumming patterns and bassline. The tempo is raised higher and a whispered voice calls for dancing, while tension is built with warm ethereal textures.

On the flipside, “Dirty Sequence” reveals a fast-pitched rhythm that will make you move no matter what. Produced by Spanish duo 2Vilas, the track is spiced with a sleek wobbling bassline and modulated voices that add an uplifting sensation to the whole. Closing, we find Emanuel Coman aka Bryz with “Silence”, an electric groove fueled by glitched vocals, spacious dimensions and intricate build-ups. Close your eyes and let his hypnotic signature sound carry you away into his realm.

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Artist: Various Artists
Title: MUZI cartel 002
Label: MUZI cartel
Cat. number: MUZI002
Release date: 09.09.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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