“J.K.S.”, Saiful Idris’ tribute to the legendary Zouk club in Singapore gets a fresh rework

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“J.K.S.”, Saiful Idris' tribute to the legendary Zouk club in Singapore gets a fresh rework

The old Zouk club at Jiak Kim Street in Singapore was where a whole chunk of my musical learning took place. It was also where a very awkward and insecure young man felt somewhat at home. Not so much amongst the many beautiful, awesome people – I was far too insecure to truly belong – but much more so, in the embrace of the music. This track is a soulful, broken beats tribute to what was a truly special time and space.”
Originally released in 2018 as a tribute to the legendary Zouk club in Singapore, Saiful Idris“J.K.S.” has been reworked and remastered, along with a deep tech-house remix and an ambient acapella mix.
Saiful’s productions are inspired by the sounds that brought him into dance music back in the early 2000’s, from the warm, organic, deep and soulful sounds of Osunlade, Francois K and Dennis Ferrer, and more, to the big room, electronic manoeuvrings of Circulation, John Digweed and Underworld. His productions are a wonderful confluence of his varied musical influences, with elements that cut across the different sub-genres of house and techno music, but all bound by a deep appreciation of the structure and aesthetics of early but timeless electronic dance music – of the old but original school.


ARTIST: Saiful Idris
TITLE: J.K.S. Redux
CAT. #: SRNDR19005
GENRE: Tech House / Deep House / Broken Beats / Acapella
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 03/10/2019


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