Supernova’s Top 5 Tips for Starting a Label

Setting up and running your own label is a task that should not be taken lightly. The effort and precision that should go into curating every release – whether through promotion, distribution, or communication with artists – needs to be at a certain level in order to have an impact. Both Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi – the duo that make up Supernova – have not only built and developed the prestigious Lapsus Music label over the last ten years, but have since set up two other labels, Downtown Underground and Blackboard

It’s safe to say that Supernova know a thing or two about starting up a label, which is why we’ve asked them to share their top tips for those aspiring to do the same.

1. Vision

‘Try to have clear in your mind where you want to go genre wise with your label as much as possible before you start it. If you are a Dj/producer your label should reflect your sound as much as you can.’

2. Communication

‘Set up a good deal with a distributor and try to establish a very good professional relation with distributor and the stores.’

3. Identity

‘Work on finding an original name and a strong and personal logo. Sort out a really personal and iconic graphic design for the Label Artwork. Something that can be easily noted and recognised on the web and digital/physical stores.’

4. Strong A&R

‘Be really selective in your A&R work. Better to release less, but with strong quality always. Nowadays there is so much music out there, so quality and originality are really necessary to be noted. The good music should be your first choice, good names come later.’

5. Quality of Music

‘A good promo campaign is always welcome, but great DJ feedback will not change the destiny of your label. Our latest label, Downtown Underground, has reached great success in less then 1 year with 2 Beatport House top ten in 3 months, and we never did a big promo campaign. Music speaks first.’

Catch them playing in London on the 6th September at Proud Embankment:

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