Barac – The Real You is Not You [Moment]

Barac - The Real You is Not You [Moment] front

Barac – The Real You is Not You [Moment]

The notorious record label Moment returns with its sixth instalment, a double 12” signed by label head himself titled “The Real You is Not You”. With the recent dispatch of “One Who Can See In The Dark” EP on his Shamandrum imprint and “Le Dance Sans” EP on Drumma Records, Barac proves his skills once again delivering four fresh cuts, one produced in collaboration with the mysterious r.hitect.

Founded back in 2014, Moment is well-known for its amazing catalogue, to which artists like VincentIulian, Lyonel Bauchet and Petre Vali have contributed alongside Barac. Revered for its innovative approach to modern electronic dance music, the label delivers top-notch music that’s been heard on dancefloors worldwide as a lot of producers and selectors show constant support. We can say the exact same thing about the artist, who’s undoubtedly one of the greatest representatives of the Rominimal scene. With works brought forward by Metereze, Naural, Meander, Rawax, Lick My Deck and Uvar, to name a few, he’s definitely on top of his game with more stored in for the future for sure.

“A Story Behind Everything” opens the material with a funky bassline and we can already tell where this is going, as the cut slowly reveals itself. A narrator introduces us to a smooth and groovy minimal rhythm that will keep rolling at a steady pace while melodic sequences and micropatterns are heard throughout. Next, there’s “Resilience”, a deep and crispy composition flavoured with subtle progressive vibes and bright harmonics. The track is designed alongside r.hitect at the controls, marking another great collaboration between the two.

Following, “The Human Malfunction Is Thinking” reveals an exotic sound that features a lot of rhythmic variations and vocal samples. The percussive elements are backed-up by eerie synth patterns and the feeling is explored in-depth on the title track “The Real You Is Not You”. Here we find twisted and uncommon arrangements as well as trippy voices, dark tones and gloomy modulations that merge into a truly immersive soundscape.

Barac - The Real You is Not You [Moment] back

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Artist: Barac
Title: The Real You is Not You
Label: Moment
Cat. number: MMNT006
Release date: 30.09.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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