Apollonia, Planet Claire – 18th August at Octan Ibiza [review + photos]

Apollonia, Planet Claire… 18th August at Octan Ibiza [review + photos]

Apollonia, Planet Claire… 18th August at Octan Ibiza [review + photos]

There is something special brewing at Octan this season: the small, cosy, intimate club formerly known as The Basement has been hosting some superb parties for those who like the focus to be on the music. One of those is Planet Claire, a special residency by the French trio Apollonia.

They are used to playing huge clubs and festivals all over the world but here they go back to basics. It perfectly suits their house sound and the club itself is key to that. It has had subtle touch ups over the winter, but retains a personal, sleek feel that isn’t too fussy. Importantly, the sound system is a killer – every kick drum is perfect, every hi hat is crisp, and the cosmopolitain crowd lap it up. They are all ages, colours and creeds and come from all over Europe.

The atmosphere is friendly on the floor but also heady – people here know their tunes and react to all the cult classics, fresh new tunes and everything in between. First up is Omar, who keeps it deep, warm and bubbly and layers in rich synths that permeate your should and help fill the floor.

Later on its the turn of Nicholas Lutz. The spaced out selector has a slick deep techno and house vibe. He plays tunes youve never heard before and really gets the crowd eating out the palm of his hand with jams from Sepp, Melchior Productions and plenty more. Lastly, it is time for the French brothers in beats to step up.

The crowd surges forwards when they do so and they immediately make the club their own with some paired back 90s sounding house. Things build in momentum as they work the mixer hard and enjoy plenty of back and forth between each other. Giuliano Lomonte – Aquarium from French chart DJ Gregory aka Point 7’s label is a big moment in a night full of them. When the end comes, people are already talking about the next instalment of this very tasty little residency.

Apollonia presents Planet Claire
Sunday, 1 September 2019, 23:59 – 06:00
Traumer b2b Cristi Cons

Tickets here.

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