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Awesome Tutoring Tools to Help You Through School

School is a place where intellectuals are made. The experience can be both daunting and exciting as you explore new avenues and come into contact with ideas you never knew existed. In the same way that school is an adventure, it can also be quite challenging. Trying to keep up with school work using outdated tactics doesn’t help as you take notes with paper and pen while your classmates are entering pertinent information on their tablets for later review. 

Since exploring the world of education sans technology is nearly impossible, it is better to go with the tides and become acquainted with the latest tutoring tools. Cramster and Chegg are two of the most popular interactive tutoring sites for college students. Here are six more options designed to impact your educational experience.

Course Hero

CourseHero is an online resource that lets students study using flashcards, educational videos, and live tutors to get ahead. The portal used to power the site is a micro-publishing platform that makes it easier for educators to get their content out. CourseHero is quite the useful tool that contributes to you fully benefiting from higher learning. 


The name practically says it all. Clever is a system that lets you access all of your educational tools in one platform setting. High school teachers often use the app for assignments and essential communication with students when school is not in session. The most significant disadvantage to Clever is that an individual’s school must be registered for the service for students to gain access. Those K-12th-grade teachers who do have access will find that using the system saves a lot of time. 

Google Knowledge Graph

Google Knowledge Graph is an advanced way of utilizing the search engine’s standard bar. Knowledge Graph works so that questions typed in the Google database are answered adequately. Perhaps the most significant advantage to Google is its compatibility with mobile devices. You can pose a question to the database in class and get an answer before the session has ended when you use the Knowledge Graph. 


Learning a new language is not as complicated as you think with Duolingo. This interactive website has comprehensive guides for nine of the most commonly taught communications in the United States, which include Spanish, French, and German. Beginners may find the step-by-step learning and thorough explanation of grammatical principles most helpful in their journey to acquiring a new skill. Veterans who already know a language may also find Duolingo useful as the app helps them refresh what they already knew. Android, Apple, and TechCrunch have named this program one of their best apps for learning for a good reason. 

Crash Course

John Green, author of The Fault In Our Stars, collaborated with his brother, Hank, to launch “Crash Course.” The YouTube channel focuses on world history and offers viewers thoroughly researched lessons that are both lively and informative. Humor drives “Crash Course” forward as subscribers learn historical facts while being amused by the animation and speakers. All of the videos cover a lot of material and are perfect for the student wanting to get ahead or needing a refresher course. 


Prez is the future of public presentations. This interactive database lets you present and collaborate projects in real time. Making changes to a group presentation at the last moment is more comfortable with Prez delivering updates to all members of the party. The educational option is slowly but surely moving students away from traditional PowerPoint slides and offering more presentation options that prove visually appealing and conducive to viewer engagement. 

Cold Turkey

Do you want to boost your productivity levels? You should try Cold Turkey. Both students and professionals stand to gain with this program that helps you stay focused on the task ahead. Cold Turkey works by letting you block out all aspects of the Internet that are not related to work. You can also schedule breaks in between that let you get in a bit of leisure time so that the segment is not all work and no play. 

School can either be stressful or adventurous. These apps and programs can help you find the more adventurous side of learning.

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