INVU’s Top 5 Favourite Labels

With an album in the pipelines – as well as an EP due for release on his own label, Vibe Material – UK-born, Sydney-based producer INVU has a lot lined up for him in 2019. He has a keen ear for groovy, trippy house music which seems to stay with you after listening to it; the type of tracks that hold the potential to become definitive moments in any DJ set, whether your warming up the crowd or providing the after hour vibes. We wanted to learn more about what some of his influences have been, to better understand how he’s developed his sound, so we hit him up for his top 5 favourite labels.

Have a read through his selections below.

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‘I’ve always vibed off Cajmere/Green Velvet style so Cajual is an extension of that. Cajual is always one of the first labels I check out when I’m hunting for new music.’

2020 Vision

‘Growing up in Yorkshire and becoming infatuated with house music, lead me down the track of Back to Basics, Leeds. Where, of course, the owner of 2020, Ralph Lawson is a resident. 2020 is an iconic sound and label in Leeds and I’ve always been an avid fan of their releases.’

Real Tone

‘This label was the best. I was a massive fan back in the day and caught word Franck is launching it again soon. Exciting news.’

Moon Harbour

‘For me, this label encapsulates my favourite sound within the House/Techno scene. Moon Harbour is truly a top top label.’


‘Another local success story for me coming up in the local scene. Audiojack have also put out good quality music on Gruuv that keeps me coming back for more.’


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