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Last updated on August 7th, 2019 at 11:23 pm

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Alex Halka – Rasarit

Alex Halka is Romanian interdisciplinary artist who covers a variety of crossover artistic territories, from electronic music to contemporary art installations, multimedia performances and theatre. He discovered and fell in love with techno while searching for a new aesthetic dimension to his theatre compositions and audiovisual art. His productions bring forward a fusion of raw granular textures, dark punk vibes and psychedelic layers of vintage synths, to which carefully crafted uptempo rhythms and drumming patterns are ultimately added.

His latest adventures include setting up “Aural Skin“, an interactive A/V installation that represents the artist’s journey from sound to image and finally to object, displayed as Embroidery and Fluorescent Laser Painting. The exhibition was hosted by the Art Museum in Arad, Romania earlier this year. In this time he kept playing with his gear as well, and we’re delighted to exclusively premiere his latest work titled “Rasarit”, a solid techno banger perfect to enjoy on a Monday afternoon.

­čĺą Listen to the full-length track on feeder sound and get energised!

“A quick teleportation onto psychedelic layers of granular textures. Obsessive musical motives and a very gratifying build-up are staying in the centre of the tune. Packed with rave melancholia, this is an opportunity to move within yourself.” – Alex Halka

The percussive pattern makes us think of Alex Halka’s collaborative project alongside Vlaicu Golcea, a deep journey focused on techno music embedded with memories coming from a once industrialized Eastern Bloc country. Last year they released “Sud” with Stig, a division of Big Mamas House Records and more is in the making for sure, so stay tuned!┬áGrab your copy of “Rasarit” from here.


Artist: Alex Halka
Title: Rasarit
Release date: 29.07.2019


Words by: AndreiB


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