Flowprints – Contemporary Dance Intensive. Nature session

Flowprints - Contemporary Dance Intensive. Nature session

We invite you to the beautiful region of Transylvania at the foot of Apuseni Mountains to join us for a five-day workshop at the art-residency “Cuib 176” near Cluj-Napoca.

We propose a workshop of contemporary dance, open to everybody, no matter the professional experience. We approach contemporary dance through technical exercises and structured improvisations, starting from the assumption that a relaxed body becomes an intelligent, surprising and courageous one. What we experience during the classes is later reflected in our health and daily existence.

The course is addressed both to beginners and advanced, creating a context which opens new perspectives upon movement, where everybody is encouraged to listen to the body and challenge personal limits.



CUIB176 integrates into the magical atmosphere of the Transylvanian Medieval Village as a fusion space and experiment for filmmakers, performers, dancers, writers, composers and visual artists, activists, teachers and students interested in sharing their stories and visions by connecting with a multi-ethnic rural community.


FLOWPRINTS – Contemporary Dance Intensive

Project products:

Teaser with workshop materials and performance
Texts developed during workshops
Mini-films of danced in the surroundings

Flowprints is a series of movement proposals addressed to beginners and professionals, with the desire to sustain them in discovering a body which draws consciously its thoughts and emotions through space. We start from accessing a relaxed body, which we discover and explore in movement, in relation to the floor and partners. We gradually access the joy of game, the need to express emotions, the complexity of personal sensations and the development of the kinaesthetic sense.

In the frame of the course we give attention to breathing, as a natural process of our bodies and we get on releasing tensions, experiencing flexion and extension, we learn to use the weight of the body efficiently, the contact with the floor, the inertia of the moving body. We look, we run, we jump, we roll and we dare to dream. We charge the space with our energy, we negotiate territories and we let ourselves overwhelmed by the pleasure of movement. We provoke our bodies and we test our limits, heading bravely toward freedom and not virtuosity.

We try to extend our openness towards our emotions, space and partners, always looking for an honest ratio between impression and expression. We observe how our sensation structures the internal route in a similar way as musical or verbal phrasing and we approach dance as an alternative for our daily existence: a way of communication, an expression of our internal impressions which are not said and sometimes lack an honest translation in verbal language. We leave apart our preconceptions and we let the body to surprise us.

The creative exploration of the surroundings comes as an organic pursuit of previous projects of Alexandra and Denis in the urban environment and looks for a relationship between movement and sound, nature and architecture.



Alexandra Bălășoiu graduated from the National Theater and Cinematography University of Bucharest, choreography section in 2014. From 2017 she coordinates the activity of Indie Box, a ‘box’ with independent projects in the field of contemporary performance, developing together with Denis Bolborea the concept of Flowprints courses, projects that activate and explore public space such as Earsight or Singing Bodies, as well as research and production projects.
Singing Bodies resulted in three independent performative works, presented as a trilogy in Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj and Sfantu Gheorghe.
Following collective public space research conducted with Valentina de Piante and Denis Bolborea, Alexandra creates and performs the solo “Spooky actions of a spoiled girl”.
In Voice Lab, she supports the production of the first acapella album in Romania, with original content developed by a diverse process of research on the relationship between body and voice.

Denis Bolborea studied various urban dance styles (hip-hop, popping, locking) and won many awards during the years, both in Romania and in Europe.
In 2009 he participated in “Dansez pentru tine” contest, then becoming part of the dancing team. This experience has brought him a large number of collaborations on television (X-factor, Eurovision) and has led him to improve his dance technique.
In 2013 he graduated from the National University of Theater and Cinematography in Bucharest, specializing in Choreographic Art. At the graduation gala, he received the Best Artist Award in “What’s Left”, a production that won ALT – National Choreography Competition 2013. In the same contest, he presented his own production, Sound Alchemy, in which he explores the relationship of music, dance and emotion.



08 July- Arriving day–> gather & rest.

09- 14 July–> 5 days x 2h/day FLOWPRINTS Contemporary Dance Workshop-(10:00 -12:00)
–> 5 days x 1 h/day of creative guided exploration of the surroundings. (15:00-16:00)

14 July –>1 mini-performance with live music of Denis & workshop participants



170 Euro – Early Bird (until 1st of July)*

200 Euro – Late Bird*

* this price includes workshop, accommodation and three meals per day.


150 Euro**
**this price includes workshop, meals, shower facilities, place for camping.



– For a small additional fee transport from and to Cluj-Napoca can be arranged.
– Maximum number of participants: 20.
– The accommodation includes two-person room with double and single beds and a personal bathroom. (picture in event)
– Wi-fi available.
– Bio products purchased from the local village Căpușu-Mic.
– Parking place.
– Age limit: 14.



Contact person: Simona Baciu
Email: contact.cuib176@gmail.com
Telephone & Whatsapp: +40 745 289 064

The payment shall be completed before arrival. The fee transfer is possible via Paysend, Paypal, Revolut, Western Union or Bank Transfer.

We hope to enter the flow together soon! 🙂

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