16B ‘Silenciety’ Album aLOLa Records

16B ‘Silenciety’ Album aLOLa Records

16B – Silenciety Album [aLOLa Records]

Omid Nourizadeh, aka 16B, first exploded on to the electronic music scene over 20 years ago with his acclaimed debut album ’Sounds From Another Room’ on Sven Vath’s eye Q / Alola Records. Since then, he has carved out an illustrious career remaining constantly at the forefront of cutting edge dance music, achieving a stellar portfolio of releases including ‘How To Live 100 Years’ (2002) and the two-part ‘Like 3 Ears & 1 Eye’ (2007) albums.

Omid reveals his 4th artist album, ‘Silenciety’, ablaze with thirteen powerful and musically diverse compositions. On this profound release you’ll discover cinematic heart-wrenching classical tones, sensitive and drama-filled electronica, intense outbursts of rousing electro, indie and techno. This album is a magical trip that flows between genres and emotions, testament to the unrivalled creativity and depth of this ever forward-thinking artist.

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