M.F.S: Observatory – 5 Tracks that changed our lives [interview]


This young Italian duo is on fire right now. With a string of releases on My Vision Records, Danny Serrano’s Eat & Beat, and of course their own imprint Observatory Music.

Their latest work is some of their finest, the Bailando EP sits comfortably on Observatory ft Davina Moss available from 21/06.

M.F.S:Observatory - 5 Tracks that changed our lives [interview]

We asked the dynamic pair what are the 5 tracks that changed their lives…

1: Butch – No worries

“For us, this was the track that made us love tech house and inspired us in much of our work. For us this is one of the best tech house tracks in history”.

2: Adryiano – On my side

“Top 5 house tracks for us, really love the vibe of this track, we have a lot of memories with this record. When we started to play at summer parties we used to always play this”.

3: Azari & III – Hungry for the power (Jamie Jones remix)

“One of the best remixes in history. An amazing interpretation from Jamie Jones. This is the perfect combo of deep house and UK garage, always happy to hear this track, we get a lot of inspiration from it”.

4: Subjoi – Flashing Lights

“Subjoi for us is one of the best house producers in the world, this track is full of memories and vibes, always happy to play this as our last track in a gig, the reaction of the dancefloor is amazing, massive respect for Subjoi”.

5: Maya Jane Coles – What They Say

“Maya is one of the biggest producers of music in the world for us, we had the honour of doing a remix for her on the last album ‘Weak’ out on Skint Records, at the moment one of the biggest tracks we did. This is called ‘What They Say’, and when we started our production career, we also listened to this track to give us inspiration for the amazing vibes and sound”.

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