Giancarlo Zara gets on board on Famille Electro records with "Love Music"

We are glad to welcome the owner of Sweet Milk rec Giancarlo Zara on board with 2 tech house tracks!
“Love music” pounding bass and drum kit drive this monster track forward through an arrangement aimed squarely at the floor. Then “Forever” with deep grooves, edgy percussion and sensual female vocal.
Loco Co‘s remix for “Love music” is an absolute upfront Tech House carnage from the start. A groovy tune with a refreshing clubby sound.
To finish Alex Loco & Antonio Ariano’s “Forever” remix is a more low key beat track seasoned with a powerful leading vocal.
All tracks are solid and floor movers, be sure to check it out!

ARTIST: Giancarlo Zara
TITLE: Love Music
LABEL: Famille Electro Records
GENRE: Tech house – Minimal
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 01.07.2019

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