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Suolo – Tarantism EP [Aforisme]

The fourth pressing coming from local imprint Aforisme is delivered by Dinu Pancov aka Suolo. Titled “Tarantism EP”, the 12” features two earlier creations signed by the artists that definitely pass the test of time. Early support comes from the likes of Mihigh, Priku and Barac.

Aforisme offers top-quality electronic dance music in vinyl format for a couple of years now and doesn’t seem to even think about stopping. Artists like Alex Rusu, Diferit and Spanish DJ and producer Qili have been the ones checking in until now, dispatching memorable EPs that enjoyed massive appreciation in the scene.

Known for his intense activity in the studio and behind the decks, Suolo always delivers unique productions and fresh selections, entertaining people at parties and festivals around the world. His works can be found in the catalogues of Minimalaysia, Ipsum Records, Trapped Ldn, Mulen, Lokomotiv, Rora and his own renowned label Capodopere Records. The music he brings forward is infused with dreamy soundscapes, bouncy rhythms and intricate melodic arrangements, blending modern house, techno and minimal into something that’s fresh off-the-grid and vibrant. This EP is no exception!

On Side A we find “Tarantism” designed with a solid wobbling bassline in focus and ever-evolving bright patterns in the background. The rhythm flows at a steady pace while the cut reverberates with atmospheric melodies providing a dreamy and hypnotic feeling. On Side B there’s “Mirror Dance”, a driving cut that stands out with its electric and slightly distorted percussive elements. While the emphasis falls on the beat, the warm and harmonic texturing morph into a subtle presence that calls for dancing. An amazing tool for any collector and selector right here!

Suolo - Tarantism EP [Aforisme] back

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Artist: Suolo
Title: Tarantism EP
Label: Aforisme
Cat. number: AFRV004
Release date: 03.06.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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