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Last updated on June 7th, 2019 at 12:56 pm

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This week on feeder sound our guest Emanuele Colucci will take you on a smooth ride with a deep vinyl-only selection!

Italian artist Emanuele Colucci started his career as a DJ and progressed to make his own sounds, influenced by various genres and styles. Passionate about electronic music since he was young, he manages to develop a unique brand of minimal which incorporates deep and resonant atmospheres, dubby textures, intriguing effects and stripped-down minimalistic tech beats. All are flavoured with vibrant basslines, melodic pads and micro patterns and glitches, adding a surreal dimension to his compositions. He releases several materials as Heman Colu, using his name for a more direct and dynamic approach on techno, elegantly blended with beautiful soundscapes. The cuts got published by Illogical Kit Netlabel which he co-founded, as well as Al Dente Records.

Recently, he dropped a new EP on the netlabel, another one with D.M.T. Records and now joins forces with the Clock Poets crew to follow with “Et Ainsi De Suite EP”, available through the digital side of the label. Focused on releasing modern rhythms made with analogue gear, the imprint founded by Javi GreenDøob and Armie dropped steaming productions until now, three 12” pressings signed by the trio and Steevio as well as one digital EP.

feeder sound 216 mixed by Emanuele Colucci begins on a relaxed note and slowly builds momentum, blending melodic minimalistic compositions at a steady pace. The journey intensifies as the recording flows, yet keeps a balanced resonance as the percussion becomes glitchy and the atmosphere darker. From this moment on, the spacious feeling returns while the beat remains uplifting and engaging. Enjoy!

Emanuele Colucci on soundcloud | Clock Poets
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro


Words by AndreiB


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