Matt Star – Top 5 After Party Anthems

Matt Star - Top 5 After Party Anthems

Ahead on his forthcoming release on Javier Carballo’s Underyourseat label, we had a chat with Matt Star and got him to reveal what his go to after party tracks are…

C-Lektro 5 – a2 untitled

“C-Lektro is my older brother, most tracks are produced by him and some on the label by us together, I chose this one as it really always works in the floors and brings smiles to the dancers. For me it has the perfect mixture of organic sound ambience combined with future electro breaks and it’s a perfect starter”.

DBX – Baby Judy

“Baby Judy is a rare old crazy dbx record, simple, to the point, minimal track. I was super happy to find the rare and unreleased LP by DBX for a good price in my early digging years”.

Supermarket – Supermarket

“A secret weapon, discovered that record via francesco del garda when he checked a new 2nd Hand collection we bought for the shop some years ago and playing it regulary since then. It’s very cheesy but if you play it to the right time it has huge impact on the floor and it’s one of those tracks you remember after a heavy party night’.

Wulf n’ Bear – Needy’s Run

“One of the Tracks i searched for since I heard it the first time in 1997 in a radio show called hr3 club night and one of the reasons I love Sven Väth and his club night sets back in the days. These days he mostly plays more forward pumping music but to that time (until 2000) , mostly I prefered the beginning and the end of the sets. This had the biggest impact on my musical socialization with countless of timeless sets he played back then”.

Justin Berkovi – Deviant

“Another track I discovered via Sven Väths hr3 club night sets. Justin berkovi’s backcatalog is full of hidden treasures and under the radar of most DJs…some on his productions on Nightrax and Predicaments are worth to check, too. But this one on mosquito stands out of all, deep and strange +  a great arrangement and crazy modulations which I’m missing these days on loads of tracks”.

Matt Star – Autumn Leaves is out 01.06.19, pre-order here:

Artist: Matt Star, Priku remix
Title: Autumn Leaves EP
Label: Underyourseat
Cat. number: UYS002
Release date: 01.06.2019
Format: Vinyl-only

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