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Kozmos – Kebama EP [Hibit Black]

The first wax coming from the freshly established Hibit Black label features the Bulgarian newcomers Kozmos delivering a steaming modern minimal sound with “Kebama EP”. This side project coming from Hibit Records aims to release music from undiscovered new talents as well as already established artists in the scene. Expect some really twisted and underground sounds!

Born out of love for modern electronic dance rhythms, Hibit brought forward trippy cuts signed by the likes of Incolor, Jorge Savoretti and Santierri until now and the future looks bright for the imprint. The new Black Series venture supports the concept behind it all, with its first pressing showcasing three fresh compositions dropped by Georgi Dockoff and Yani Momchilov aka Kozmos. The two like to blend deep minimalistic elements with intricate glitching and effects in their production and love to record live jamming sessions on their gear. Local artist Vid aka Bacauanu joins the 12” with a remix, adding his distinct touch to the title track.

Side A is reserved for “Kebama”, a deep tech rhythm flavoured with twisted synth modulations and a steadily bouncing percussion that includes various micropatterns. The bassline is wavy and solid while the arrangements create an eerie atmosphere. On the flipside, “Tulla Scit” offers a glitchy and grainy sound balanced by melodic notes and a jazzy feeling. The combination of sounds goes through an ongoing organic transformation while the beat builds tension from time to time. Closing, there’s Vid‘s remix of the title track, a hypnotic minimalistic composition that takes the original sounds into a whirling carousel of bleeps, notes and effects. A smooth tool for the dancefloor right here!

Kozmos - Kebama EP [Hibit Black] back

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Artist: Kozmos
Title: Kebama EP
Label: Hibit Black
Cat. number: HB001
Release date: 27.05.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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