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Ornery and JP Lantieri team up to present ‘Proximity’ EP on Flemcy Music
Close your eyes and let Ornery & JP Lantieri‘s new ”Proximity” EP take you on a progressive journey like no other, deep inside our atoms. ”Proximity” represents the continuation of “Distance”, the EP that the pair released last year, a contrast between outer and inner space, between infinitesimally large and infinitesimally small.

The emotional title track of this stunning EP is a collaboration between two friends separated by distance but drawn closer together through their combined love for producing deep and emotive music.
Ornery’s ”Atomicity” goes into deeper, slightly darker territories, inside our very own existence, where energy and matter are related to each other at the atomic level.
JP Lantieri’s “Intimacy”, instead, touches our hearts with its warm sounds and atmospheres, closing the EP on a more melodic note.
Immerse yourself in what may well be the most emotional release from Flemcy Music!
Release: May 28th, 2019 exclusively on Beatport, June 11th all other outlets.


Words by Reach Promo



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  1. […] expressive remixes by Stan Kolev, Not Demure and Dilee D. Released exclusively on Beatport on JP’s birthday, that’s 25th August, followed by the general release on 8th September […]

  2. […] owner JP Lantieri has taken five years to prepare his 12-track ‘Zodiac’ album, and is releasing it both digitally […]

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