Eren Eren – Top 5 Reasons To Love Istanbul

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In the lead up to Istanbul based producer Eren Eren‘s ‘Seven Days EP’ on Petra Recordings, a curious spectrum of sounds, absorbing the listener in to an unknown space, a wander through outer realms with an insightful look in to the capabilities of this blossoming talent. We caught up with him to discover his favourite elements of his home city…


One: Her deep diversity is the most inspirational thing about Istanbul. It’s not only because she is located between Europe and Asia but more like she has a thrilling multicultural history embedded to her DNA.

Two: Istanbul is a city that has her own rhythm and reflexes. She’s not an easy city to live in. You come across all kinds of corruptions and political games affecting your daily life. But Istanbul also has very accurate social reflexes. When you feel hopeless and come to a point “ok that’s enough I can’t take that anymore”, the city is generating her unique counter solutions against all kinds of backlashes and it is quite fascinating to witness through time.

Istanbul Photos for Feeder Interview Eren Eren

ThreeMulti-cultural acceptance has very deep and solid roots in Istanbul. Every subculture can find a way to express themselves in the city. Well sometimes you have to fight for it but this struggle always adds value to the product. This creates an opportunity for underground movements to stay fresh and real.

Istanbul Photos for Feeder Interview Eren Eren

Four: The sounds you come across in the city’s daily life are very idiosyncratic and in a vast variety. The city is a sound generator itself and if you pay close attention there is more than enough material for a musician to inspire for his whole life.

Istanbul Photos for Feeder Interview Eren Eren

Five: Staying underground doesn’t pay well like the rest of the world but despite this fact, there are many people consistently willing to stay out of mainstream hypes artistically. The value added to the city’s cultural life by these micro-movements is simply massive and ravishing. Speaking from a musical perspective, from hip-hop to house, punk to jazz or folk or any other form, whatever it is you are into, you can easily meet like-minded people and find new ways to express yourself.

Keep up on the latest from Eren Eren hereSoundcloud, and Facebook. ‘Seven Days’ coming soon on Petra Recordings.

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