feeder sound exclusive premiere: Dudley Strangeways – Flipside Flute [Leftback]

feeder sound exclusive premiere Dudley Strangeways - Flipside Flute [Leftback] article-cover

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Dudley Strangeways – Flipside Flute [Leftback]

The 17th release in Leftback‘s discography is served by label owner Dudley Strangeways in the form of “Leo’s Landed EP”, a steaming four-tracker flavoured with engaging minimalistic rhythms. Early support comes from the likes of Vid, Andrey Pushkarev, Rich NXT, Ittetsu, Matt Star, James Dexter, Oskar Szafraniec and Milou.

Founded in 2014 by Dudley alongside Michael McLardy, Leftback Records has become one of UK’s finest electronic dance music endeavours, always dropping hot materials from talented artists such as David Gtronic, Dragosh, Kashawar, Tijn and Matthew Burton, aside from the two. The imprint also hosts regular parties in order to showcase their music, inviting producers and DJs to play along and share the good vibes.

Dudley Strangeways is known for his energetic selections and hypnotic productions, blending various styles of techno, house and minimal with deep and dubby notes, glitchy effects, techy beats and beautiful arrangements. Aside from his own musical playground, he dispatched his sounds with labels like Little Helpers, Made Of Concrete, Chord Records, Ovum, Star Dub, Deso Records and Inermu Wax, to name a few. This EP stands as an argument for his versatility and for his passion and dedication to music making. The groovy “Flipside Flute” opens the pressing and sets the mood for dancing. Adjust the volume and dive in!

💥 Listen to the full-length track exclusively on feeder sound:

The cut reveals to be a relentless, grinding, atmospheric composition full of weighty bass kicks and off-kilter piano lines. The main sequence of pads, effects and flute sounds evolve in an unconditional fashion, slowly creating tension and delivering dynamism. Best played when the night is at its strangest point!

The EP follows with the title track “Leo’s Landed”, an oddly syncopated pattern with a mesmerizing effect embedded into it. The rotating background layers come in and out of focus and so does the minimalistic beat, creating a hazy dimension, flavoured with subtle grainy textures. On Side B we find the rugged “Perc” with a heavy cowbell emphasised in the shuffling rhythm while dramatic, eerie long pads flow along and “Real Talk” closing the wax with style. 8-bit sounds and vocal samples are added to the mix, while the funky bassline leads the cut. The melodic fragments provide a spatial resonance, taking the listener into a deep state of mind while he’s still connected to the dancefloor. Another great release coming from Leftback right here!

Grab your copy of Leo’s Landed EP on deejay.de.


Artist: Dudley Strangeways
Title: A1. Flipside Flute / Leo’s Landed EP
Label: Leftback
Cat. No.: LB017
Release date: 27.05.2019


Words by: AndreiB


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