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This week on feeder sound we take a dive into the unconventional side of modern electronic dance music with our guest Hoavi at the controls!

Born in Kineshma, Russia, Vasin Kirill aka Hoavi is a DJ and producer living and working on music in St. Petersburg since 2008. He’s the co-founder and host of the “Shells Rattle Sessions” radio show on Dublab, as well as the founder of the Russian experimental community Shells Rattle. His focus stands in bringing forward local electronic dance music to the world while dropping amazing releases himself and playing delightful selections at parties from time to time.

A passionate music maker, he’s always looking for new sounds to explore blending styles and genres in a distinct way, always delivering something different. From house to breakbeat, ambient and IDM, he creates an exciting and organic fusion, showing his versatility as an unconventional presence in the scene. Aside from his own musical playground, his works have been published by record labels like Floe, Terminal Dream, KRYM MRYK, Minor Notes Recordings, Snare Tapes and Fauxpas Musik.

“The mix includes tracks from domestic musicians. Some of them are just being prepared for release, another part has already been released on music labels. Also in the mix, I used my tracks, which are being prepared for release in the near future.” – Hoavi

feeder sound 214 mixed by Hoavi flows like a carousel of rhythms, from deep and organic sounds to more techy and uplifting moments. Groovy and introspective at the same time, the recording is flavoured by unreleased cuts that draw influence from the underground Russian scene.

Hoavi – Sava G (upcoming)
Shine Grooves –  200bpm (unreleased)
Nocow – AX (unreleased)
Kuzma Palkin – Hauss (unreleased)
Tsktch – Keta Bas4 (unreleased)
Fama87 feat. Nocow – Untitled (unreleased)
St. Peterburg Sound Systems (Tsktch & Hoavi) -Bezgalostny (unreleased)
Shutta – Black Lake (unreleased)
Hoavi – Streamline (upcoming)
Caapi – Forest Alice (unreleased)
Dices – Part 3 (Pandora 2017)
AEM Rhythm-Cascade – Partial Presence (Gost Zvuk 2018)
Hoavi – Pictures For Mo (unreleased)

Hoavi on soundcloudfacebook
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro


Words by AndreiB


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