feeder jukebox #19 by Terry Benedikt

feeder jukebox #19 selected by Terry Benedikt

feeder jukebox #19 selected by Terry Benedikt

Hailing from Barcelona, the German artist Terry Benedikt is well-known for his engaging selections, fueled by raw and pumping house cuts. Flavoured with deep and exotic rhythms, his music always delivers a vibrant dimension to any dancefloor. His journey started with playing at private parties, raves and after-hours, time in which he began collecting records and explore various styles and techniques. His inspiration comes from everywhere and is paired with a solid respect for any other art form. Either if it’s day or night, he will surely find something surprising in his record bag, most likely a strong frequency sweeping tool to delight everyone.

As a part of the Love Foundation, an open network of artists and activists with a mission to raise money for water development projects in Africa while organising electronic music events, he toured the Netherlands while performing as a resident DJ at their parties in Maastricht. Moving to Spain connected him with the Kommuna artist collective, a local record label who also hots regular showcase events. Being dedicated and passionate, he constantly searches for inspiration and good music, ready to deliver hot tracks anytime, anywhere.

feeder jukebox #19 selected by Terry Benedikt starts on a dubby note and goes for a groovy electric ride. From deep house to more uplifting patterns, the mix invites to dancing, drawing influence from funk, electro and various other subgenres of modern electronic dance music. Elegantly and steadily creating a seamless flow of emotions and sounds, no genre or style is left unexplored, while the joy of making people move is always present. A proper weekend-starter right here! The switches between the Chicago or Detroit-based core percussions and smooth atmospheric background textures stand as an argument for Terry’s versatility as a selector, as well as for his eclectic tastes when it comes to music. Enjoy!


Words by AndreiB


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feeder sound: feeder.ro // soundcloud


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