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Unisson - Dreamer9D EP [UNS Records]

Last updated on December 6th, 2019 at 01:12 am

Unisson – Dreamer9D EP [UNS Records]

“UNS Records” is a new Romanian label that serves as a platform for the musical project bearing the name Unisson.

Formed out of 2 good friends that have been producing together for quite a few years now, but have never released a full-on EP so far. After taking the time that many other people don’t in order to refine their sound, both technically and compositionally, here we have the Dreamer9D EP.

Some of you may already know their tracks, gathering early support from many well-established names on the scene like Petre Inspirescu, Arapu, Suciu and many others.

Most likely you’ve heard the title bearer “Dreamer9D”, a groovy soundscape that fondly reminds of early deep house tracks similar to David Alvarados & Kenneth Grahams “Sun Children” project. “Waters Above” follows a more austere path, slightly more percussive and straightforward, but still retaining the soul and coherence found in the first track of the EP.

Going over to the B side, “Paramount” keeps things moving with wobbly bass lines and quirky details that sink into the mix in an elegant fashion. Almost breaky in nature, it makes way for the final track of the release “Feelingmanjaro”, rounding off the EP much in the way it started with a warm and endearing feeling that seeks to bring delicate microelements in tune with melodic sequences and rich harmonic expressions.

Support from Petre Inspirescu @ Sunwaves Festival:

Get it while it’s still there on deejay.de.


Artist: Unisson
Title: Dreamer9D EP
Label: UNS Records
Cat. number: UNS001
Release date: 05.06.2019
Format: Vinyl-only

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