CLIKNO announces the MAT editions / Dr.Nojoke – Inventing importance

CLIKNO announces the MAT editions / Dr.Nojoke - Inventing importance

Artist _ Dr.Nojoke
Title _ Inventing Importance | MAT ed. 01

Cat.-no. _ CLIKNO MAT01
Release date _ May 31st 2019

12” vinyl-only | transparent PVC sleeve | poster artprint & text | edition of 200

Style _ clikno, deep techno, dubby techno, minimal techno


  • A1 stonude 10:30
  • B1 chiripim 7:06
  • B2 wengedoo 6:23

Poster 12″ x 12″ offset print on offset paper

  • “You Brew Stew?” (2018) _ Digital painting _ Jonathan Canupp
  •  Text _ Marianne Kjaer Klausen

available at

M U S I C  &  A R T  &  T E X T  =  MAT

Inventing Importance _

With its third vinyl release, CLIKNO starts the MAT editions, which brings together contemporary art with profound writings and deep techno music equally, a conceptual and collectable series for heart, soul and mind – conceived by Dr.Nojoke.

music _

Dr.Nojoke throws in three tunes in his unmistakable style hitting the dancefloors of a parallel universe. Stomping beats with gravitational bass-lines are folded with deep textured moods, dub delays and a plethora of subtle sounds and strange loops all in an intricate and organic production build from diverse noises and field recordings. This music aims as much for the dancefloor as it is enjoyable at home.

art _

“You Brew Stew?” is a digital painting by Denver-based artist Jonathan Canupp. The painting was created in 2018, took 25 hours and is made of 28,000 strokes, original size: 24″ x 24″. Jonathan is a multi-faceted artist also working as a sound designer for video games and films and producing music under diverse monikers such as Ten and Tracer and Petrichoir.

text _

Over the course of the MAT editions, philosopher, actress, director and performer Marianne Kjaer Klausen will contribute writings about humanity, society and freedom.
Sample from MAT ed.01: “The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk. The paradox, to know when she has landed, would be one true turning point for the wisdom of humanity.”

CLIKNO kills fascists


Artist: Dr.Nojoke
Title: Inventing Importance | MAT ed. 01
Cat. number: CLIKNO MAT01
Release date: 31.05.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


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