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Vern – Cinci EP [Re.Face Limited]

The fifth instalment in the vinyl-only limited pressing series coming from the Italian imprint Re.Face Records is dispatched by Vern, a rising talent in the Romanian underground electronic dance music scene. The wax features three original tracks and a remix signed by Topper, designed with warm minimalistic techno patterns and playful organic textures. Early support comes from the likes of Nils Weimann, Primarie, Alin G, Cap and others.

Vern‘s EP is another great addition to┬áRe.Face Limited‘s catalogue, after the previous releases were brought forward in collaboration with Peshka, Nektar Agu, Prodot┬áand Re_Named. Born in Constanta, Romania,┬áCatalin Chifan aka Vern stands out with his amazing works delivered with Stamp Records, Tzinah, The Lab, as well as with his independent online uploads.┬áHis passion for music developed ten years ago when he was first introduced to electronic music festivals in his hometown, going through progressive techno, deep grooves┬áand┬áminimal. Exploring various styles and dedicating more time to mixing and producing set Catalin on the path to developing his unique sound and style.

Side A opens with “Cincipunctunu”, a solid technoid rhythm infused with elegant ongoing progressive synth themes, as well as with a smoothly balanced bassline and clear percussion. The track builds tension with the help of beautiful melodic background textures and evolving layers of subtle sounds. Following, there’s Topper‘s remix, known for his trippy and psychedelic techno music. His re-interpretation sends the original on a more uplifting pattern while modulating┬ásome of the core notes on eerie frequencies.

On Side B we first find “Cincipunctdoi” spinning on a relaxed deep and bright groove, with swirling effects that easily catch your attention revealing themselves as the cut flows. The breaks in the rhythm reveal a hypnotic groove opening new sound dimensions, a feeling which is passed over to the closing cut, “Cincipuncttrei”. This variation has a slightly higher tempo, yet it is carefully crafted for a dimly illuminated dancefloor.

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Artist: Vern
Title: Cinci EP
Label: Re.Face Limited
Cat. number: REFACELIMITED005
Release date: 04.03.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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