Pat Bedeau  ‘From The Mind Of’ Album – Bedfunk 

Pat Bedeau  'From The Mind Of' Album - Bedfunk 

Pat Bedeau  ‘From The Mind Of’ Album – Bedfunk 

Pat Bedeau
‘From The Mind Of’ Album
UK producer Pat Bedeau has been making waves on the house music scene for more than a minute and now raises the bar as he reveals his brilliant debut artist album ‘From The Mind Of’ on his own Bedfunk label. ‘From The Mind Of’ features some brilliant collaborations with vocalists and musicians including The Self Love Witch, Leon Dorrill, acclaimed UK saxophonist Finn Peters, Carrie Remington and Nicky Prince.


Sporting a vibrant cross section of tracks, ‘From The Mind Of’ sees Pat cook up a feast of lovingly penned soulful songs, deep and bumping grooves to delicious jazzy house gems for all to enjoy! Really nice work!


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