“Bank Angle” is the new ep by Async on WonderWorks Recordings

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  • April 7, 2019April 23, 2019
"Bank Angle" is the new ep by Async on WonderWorks Recordings

“Bank Angle” is the new ep by Async on WonderWorks Recordings

Async sets up his 4th EP with WonderWorks in less than 1 year. This time he comes back with a four-tracks work.
Async is always in search of new sounds for his productions. Since he started to release tracks with us, we received tracks with a lot of sounds different from each other. Every track released is a fantastic work where you can hear to many sounds marking his “touch”.

This release contains two different versions of “Bank Angle”: the original track and the “303” mix. They are similar but the 303 one feels more aggressive because of his acid bassline.
“Tired nurse”, a melodic techno track where Async shows off his creativity. “Molly Asylum” is the closing track of this EP: a good track to warming up the floor.

It’s always a pleasure listen to Async’s works. We are very honoured to work with this guy, one of the most young-talented producer from Europe.

Peace & Music!

TITLE: Bank Angle
LABEL: WonderWorks Recordings
CAT. #: WWR059
GENRE: Deep Tech/Melodic Techno
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 23/04/2019

Words by Reach Promo


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