‘Ombra Intl 009’ is out now including wave, slow rave tracks by Order89, Local Suicide & Curses, Dog.ma and Amarcord release via Ombra International

Ombra International hits its 9th release with artists from Italy, Germany & France.

On the A side, the Parisian darkwave live band, Order89 (FLVN & Jordisorder fame) kick off the vinyl followed by Berlin strongholds Local Suicide & Curses with a slinky cold wave-tinged collaboration. Parma’s techno-rock duo, dog.ma go full throttle with guitars and dark 80s synths on the flip with ‘Warriors,’ while another Italian quickly rising newcomer, Amarcord closes out the 12″ with the psychedelic-italo-wave jam, ‘Trees.’

Artists: Order89, Local Suicide & Curses, Dog.ma, Amarcord
Title: Ombra Intl 009
Label: Ombra International
Cat. number: OmbraINTL009
Release date: 29.03.2019
Format: Vinyl


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