Denis Rodd is set to release his new EP ‘Quantum’ via Cochlea Music this May with remixes by Primary Perception and Raul Alvarez

The key to this fourth EP on Cochlea Music, the third release from the producer and label owner Denis Rodd, is internal communication. On Quantum, the introspective melodies and the optimistic rhythmic energy whisper and flirt with their own secret gestures like twins. Nothing works forcibly when the Berliner from the Canaries plays with his roots. Intuitively, he lets old school drum sounds, funk and breakbeat drift towards each other and drift away from each other, picking up on the current tendency to place House Music back in the long breath of Soul.

The track Inhere overrides laws of nature and ignites polar lights over the Spanish volcanic islands with gently blown brass samples. In Break Off, bass-driven beats and hissing hi-hat cymbals build up to a groove that empathizes with the gritty drones and frugal vocals.

For both tracks, Denis Rodd found soulmate remixers. The brothers Mahy and Nichel Cruz from Gran Canaria as Primary Perception add their biofeedback from Hip Hop and Detroit Techno as well as their sound engineer knowledge acquired at SAE Institute to Inhere. Raul Alvarez from Madrid, studio manager at MONOM’s 4DSOUND at Funkhaus Berlin, showing dynamic friction in the harmonic flow of Break Off. In his remix, the rumbling rhythm monster reminiscent of old analogue machines and friendly cyborgs. It searches for the ethereal sounds and is too subtle to overwhelm them.

Artist: Denis Rodd
Title: Quantum EP
Label: Cochlea Music
Cat. number: COC004


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