feeder sound exclusive premiere: Capej - Spatiul Basului [Shamaan‘s Hidden Cult] cover

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Capej – Spatiul Basului [Shamaan’s Hidden Cult]

The Scottish-born Dj and producer Capej is on a musical adventure to spread deep grooves and minimal vibrations, bringing forward a distinct sound in his productions and selections. His sound experiments are interlaced with ambiences and themes of native origins, drawing influence from ancient cultural instrumentation and philosophy coming from the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians, the Greeks. Adding a modern minimalistic touch to the music is where the magic happens, as the rhythms are infused with subliminal and delectable sounds of a Shamanistic origin.

As the label-head of Shamaan’s Hidden Cult, he’s involved in various activities including mixing, mastering, promoting artists and organising events, aside from his role as a producer and selector. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, the imprint aims to merge the sounds of our greatest archaic civilisations with the beautiful contemporary interpretations of minimal house and minimal techno. Through this portal, Capej released his debut album “Cult:ure All:ure” last year, as well as Bre’s EP “To The People”. The two return early this year with fresh forces, dispatching a steaming two-tracker titled “BRE X CAPEJ 01”, the fourth instalment coming from the imprint.

Listen to the full-length track “Spatiul Basului” signed by Capej exclusively on feeder sound:

“A space aged minimal track which will be accompanied by three more on an upcoming vinyl EP later this year.” – Capej

“Spatiul Basului” begins with an awe-inspiring pad and tight drum-work, which combines with a ’90s acid era lead in order to create a beautiful contrast of genre influences. BRE’s track “Sensei 600” takes us on an eery, trippy journey with melodic chimes and solid percussion. SHC004 delivers two raw and heavy minimal cuts, ready to amaze and delight any dancefloor. Grab a copy of the release here.


Artist: Capej
Title: BRE X CAPEJ 01
Label: Shamaan’s Hidden Cult
Cat. No.: SHC004
Release date: 08.03.2019


Words by: AndreiB


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