WO-CORE gets on Project 13 with an EP called “Vermin”

WO-CORE gets on Project 13 with an EP called “Vermin”

WO-CORE gets on Project 13 with an EP called “Vermin”

Today we present the second release of Project 13, WO-CORE premieres in the label with an EP called “Vermin” that immediately draws attention with sensual voices and deep, melodic sounds immersed in a darker mood. The deepest and most intense point of the EP, these tracks combine a great diversity of instruments and effects at the master level, keeping a listener always surprised but never overwhelmed.

A deep and exploratory collection, formed by expressive melodies, emotional atmospheres, remarkable rhythms. “Vermin” dances through the unusual path of multiple sounds and atmospheres of Melodic Techno.
Deepen the sound that WO-CORE has created for its debut on the PROJECT 13 label that will launch into a world with complete songs with a lot of stems, receptive loops completely mixed with individual parts, exceptional drum sounds., unique shots and sensual voices.

WO-CORE are a Consolidated Malaga duo of Djs and producers of electronic music. Their work together It dates back to 2010, where for years they were immersed as promoters and DJs on the scene Andalusian rhythms, without neglecting other styles for which they felt attracted. After years of great rapport in booths of different clubs and festivals with his staff staged.

They decide to start a new stage within the musical production, being in 2018 when WO-CORE is born. New project that arises from its evolution towards darker, progressive and melodic sounds. They have edited tracks for labels like STEYOYOKE (Berlin) CLICK RECORDS (Amsterdam) or Polyptych (Russia) among others, arriving your topics to position yourself in Beatport’s TOP Chart 100 & Top10 Chart HYPE worldwide.

TITLE: Vermin
LABEL: Project 13
CAT. #: PR002
GENRE: Melodic-house
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 03/05/2019

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