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Various Artists – OTO002 [Otomoji]

After a successful first release back in 2017, the mysterious Moscow-based record label Otomoji returns with its second pressing, yet another Various Artists compilation featuring Herck, Boske, Enivrez Vous & Fulvio Ruffert. The 12” features three fresh cuts and is available only on vinyl, in a limited number of copies. OTO002 also enjoys early support from the likes of Mihigh, Arapu, Sepp, Cosmjn, VincentIulian, Nu Zau and Vid.

Herck has been very busy lately, playing at gigs across Europe and releasing amazing works on labels like Auroom, WaxAtlast, Complatt, Osmosis Audio, Roche Madame, Abstrakt Minded Records and Muted Noise. With a signature sound deeply resonating with the modern Romanian electronic dance music, he’s one of those that always deliver top-notch productions and selections. Another Romanian artist present on this VA is Boske, known for his release on Senzorial back in 2016 alongside Incolor. Last year he was mostly focused on mixing, so seeing him working on new productions is a delightful surprise. The B Side is closed by Federico Mandelli and Albert Hipman aka Enivrez Vous, alongside Fulvio Ruffert, the owner of Unknown Label Milano. The Italians dispatch a deep and groovy sound just like we are accustomed to.

The VA opens with “Lazy Daisy” signed by Herck, a minimalistic and glitchy composition flavoured with an intricate layering of heavy modulated vocal cuts. The twisted background textures create an eerie effect, while long synth sequences combine with the voices in a hypnotic dance, powered by an atmospheric bassline and fuzzy percussion. On the flipside, Boske delivers “Patanema”, a composition dominated by ever-evolving textural pads that flow and transform over a steadily balanced rhythm. The deep nature of this cut elegantly combines with the sound of “Vlika”, offering a dreamy and groovy B Side. Federico Mandelli, Albert Hipman and Fulvio Ruffert bring forward a relaxed house-infused track, designed with minimal percussion, warm notes and melodic motifs. Another great addition to any collection or record bag right here.

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Artist: Various Artists
Title: OTO002
Label: Otomoji
Cat. number: OTO002
Release date: 04.03.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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