The Montreal based artist Miss Mee presents "Toi Et Moi"
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The Montreal based artist Miss Mee presents “Toi Et Moi”

The Montreal based artist Miss Mee presents “Toi Et Moi”, the first release on Paradise Fever Records, is a multifaceted sub-label of Patsada Records, created by Miss Mee in 2006. The aim of Paradise Fever is to work with the best talents coming out from Montréal and worldwide, providing quality House, Deep House, Tech house, Melodic Techno and sub-genres.

This first single can express the mood of the label well, “Toi Et Moi” is a smooth a track made of luscious pads, a simple and moody groove and an emotional vocal, enriched by some nature sounds textures, giving a more organic feeling to the track.

Beside the original mix of the track, you’ll also find three other different versions, two club mixes where the bass takes control, and an house mix with a stripped-down melody and a more groovy and percussive approach.
Out on March 27th on Paradise Fever Records!

ARTIST: Miss Mee
TITLE: Toi Et Moi
LABEL: Paradise Fever Records
CAT. #: PF001
GENRE: Deep House
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 25/03/2019

Words by Reach Promo


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