Out Now! Plastik.Soldiers collective EP 'Short Days' through Jazz-O-Tech Records
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Out Now! Plastik.Soldiers collective EP ‘Short Days’ through Jazz-O-Tech Records

Jazz-o-Tech is proud to present Plastik.Soldiers an avant-garde music collective binding together jazz with techno, electronica and hiphop. Founded by Luc van Ruler, always guided by his brother in arms Coen Witteveen, Plastik.Soldiers here to serve the good, on the frontline of the battle for new quality music.

In this new single and EP ÔÇťShort DaysÔÇŁ they propose their idea of Techno-Jazz which sounds big, bold, danceable, dynamic, explosive, edgy, trippy and transcendental. Their music is influenced by 70’s jazz-fusion as well as some oriental atmospheres and some pop glitches, all deeply rooted on some solid and chunky grooves.

The title track ÔÇťShort DaysÔÇŁ it’s a sure hit with its sax hook and techno-pop arrangement. It expresses the new concept proposed by Plastik.Soldiers a techno-jazz which is fun but also ÔÇťdenseÔÇŁ in musical quality and ideas. With the track comes a great video with a strong visual character which is the perfect complement to the music of Plastik.Soldiers.

Plastik.Soldiers consist of the following true troopers;

Luc van Ruler – Composer, producer, bass, synths, keys Coen Witteveen – Composer, producer, sax, synths, percussion, vocals

As a trio performing with: Willem van der Krabben – Drums, percussion, electronic percussion

Recorded and performed with: Loran Witteveen – Piano Sheela a.k.a. Sheila van der Weerd – Vocals Julien Mier – Producer Krampfhaft – Producer


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