On Febuary 15th, Robert S's album 'Angels of Acid' was released via Korpus 9

On Febuary 15th, Robert S’s album ‘Angels of Acid’ was released via Korpus 9

Korpus 9 welcomes Robert S for four new cuts of scintillating techno. The Portuguese artist also plays live and is a real techno talent who draws on a wide musical world for his influences while releasing on labels like Sleaze Records, Planet Rhythm and Robert Limited. Opener ‘Angels of Acid’ is a driving, stripped back tune with a warped acid line. It has cowbells pinging up top and sweeping synths that will lift the club to the next level. ‘Blood Receiver’ is even more heads down, with searching synths spraying across the face of the cut, which is utterly mysterious and takes you down into a brand new realm.

It’s rumbling and arresting and designed to really draw you in. ‘Espasmos’ is then another chunky cut, with smart filter use building the pressure in the drums. Icy hi-hats are layered over the top and the heavy kicks keep your body moving. Last of all, ‘Acid From East’ is a rickety techno roller, with more thoughtful pads bringing a sense of cinema to the most physical of drums. All in all, this is another powerful EP.

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