Misbits’ Pick: Rhadoo – Semantics

Rhadoo - Semantics EP review

In one single decade, Rhadoo has managed to transform the underground world around him. Cutting all the annoyingly cheesy progressive house grooves, striping down the breakbeat to the bare percussions and giving that subtle touch to the minimal techno, Rhadoo made way to a totally new feeling on Europe’s house & techno scene. One main reason? Rhadoo is, first and foremost, a DJ who seems to be out of this world: mixing countless tracks, loops and samples at the same time, developing 8 hours long stories… you know this already, no need to remind you that 🙂

So, Rhadoo releasing tracks? This is a rarity, as he only released 4 EPs in the last 10 years, not counting a few remixes, under his name or some smile-inducing moniker, as Nea Marin.

Nermusic Records, a Moscovite record label based in Berlin, has a history in releasing edgy electronic music, with the likes of Pheek, Laurine Frost, Denis Kaznacheev or G76 in its back catalogue. Semantics EP, extended on two records, shares no common ground with Rhadoo’s previous releases: 4 tracks of pure minimalism, with warm organic percussions sounding strangely tribal. As you’d not tripped enough on the groove, Rhadoo adds oddball loops and sonic elements with a unique arrangement on each track. Our favourite one: Gerunziu, a masterpiece of the outerworldy minimal house 😉

Rhadoo – Semantics is still available now at misbits.ro

Artist: Rhadoo
Title: Semantics
Label: Nervmusic Records
Release date: 02.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


words by: Vixi
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