Acmé BOX LTD 8×12″ featuring Lizz, Sepp, Faster, Nu Zau, VincentIulian, Alex Font

Acmé BOX LTD 8×12″ featuring Lizz, Sepp, Faster, Nu Zau, VincentIulian, Alex Font

The Spanish record label Acmé returns with a very special release, a BOX that includes all the works from the imprint’s catalogue, along with all the pressings from the Third Stream sublabel. Additionally, you can also find two exclusive slipmats, a personalised record bag and some stickers, of course. The 12” collection features the materials brought forward by the label in the past four years, signed by Lizz, Sepp, Faster, VincentIulian, Nu Zau, as well as founder and owner, Alex Font.

Acmé’s statement:

We don’t believe in styles, music it’s much beyond of the boundaries of classification.
From Jazz to Minimal, from House to Bossa Nova, From Salsa to Acid Jazz.

Third Stream is dedicated specially for the real diggers producing no more than 50 vinyl-only copies/release. With its first 2 EPs out in 2017, both signed by owner Alex Font, the Acmé sublabel hardly has any promotion in order to preserve the music to those who invest buying it and dig deeper.

In the Acmé BOX LTD 8×12″ you will find these amazing gems:

Acmé’s catalogue

Alex Font – Introductory EP ‎(12″, EP, Lim) Acmé 01 / 2015
Alex Font – Inspirational EP ‎(12″, EP) Acmé 02 / 2016
Alex Font – Satisfaction EP ‎(12″, EP) Acmé 03 / 2016
Alex Font – Sabor EP ‎(2×12″, EP, Ltd) Acmé 04 / 2016‎
Sepp, Alex Font – Mis Hermanos Rumanos PART 1 EP ‎(12″, EP) Acmé 05 / 2017
Faster, Nu Zau, Alex Font – Mis Hermanos Rumanos PART 2 EP ‎(12″, EP) Acmé 05 part 2 / 2017
Lizz, Alex Font, VincentIulian – Acmé 06(12″, EP) / 2018

Third Stream’s catalogue

Alex Font – Third Stream 01 (12″, EP) TS01 / 2017
Alex Font – Paraiso Artificial/Els Peluts ‎(12″) TS02 / 2017

+ two exclusive slipmats, a personalised Acmé record bag and some stickers.

The Acmé BOX is available at now! Only 50 so don’t delay on this limited collectors Acmé Box 8×12″.


Artist: Lizz, Sepp, Faster, Nu Zau, VincentIulian, Alex Font
Title: Acme Box LTD 8×12
Label: Acmé
Cat. #: ACMEBOX001
Release date: 01.03.2019
Format: 10×12″ Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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