feeder sound 198 mixed by Martin Glowacz

feeder sound 198 mixed by Martin Glowacz

This week’s episode of feeder sound delivered by Martin Glowacz will take you on a lush atmospheric musical journey, infused with deep house cuts and melodic minimalistic compositions.

Martin Glowacz began his career as a DJ in the early 2000s and his passion for music drove him to enhance his skills going through a wide range of electronic music. Collecting and playing vinyl became a very important aspect of his life and he currently owns more than 3000 pieces. In the same time, producing music became increasingly relevant to him as well.

In 2012 he moves to Berlin and being a self-thought artist, he starts studying and exploring various possibilities using analogue machines in his studio. The local music culture and scene influences him to start organizing parties and invite many well-known artists to come and play. In 2014, together with Nils Weimann, he establishes Subtil Records and around that time his first productions get published on wax by Neostrictly, following with more on the label he co-founded. A strong interest in the Romanian electronic dance music scene brought many collaborations and friendships were developed, sending the imprint on a successful path.

Based in Berlin, Subtil Records released 14 hot materials until now and number 15 is work in progress. The catalogue includes artists like Vrac, Lumieux, Cosmjn, Patrick Klein, Hansel!, Vlad Arapasu, Piktor, Iuly.B, as well as works dispatched by Martin and Nils under the MartiNils alias. The imprint is also involved in throwing out parties, from Berlin to all over Europe, last year travelling to Ibiza, Frankfurt, Prague and London among other cities.

With more gigs and releases planned for this year as well, stay tuned to Subtil Records and to Martin’s frequencies, as the future will surely be full of beautiful surprises!

“The mix was recorded in August 2018. Most of the tracks are unreleased and were sent as promo to our label Subtil.” – Martin Glowacz

feeder sound 198 mixed by Martin Glowacz will take you on a mesmerizing musical journey, going through the deeper notes of house music smoothly blended with groovy minimalistic cuts here and there. Flowing like one seamless transition, the recording provides a melodic vibe, spiced with playful sounds and swell rhythms.


Martin Glowacz on soundcloud | facebook | Subtil Records
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Words by AndreiB


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