Wave Particle Singularity – Chroniques Binaires EP (incl. Herck remix)

Osmosis is back with another remarkable release for their 3rd vinyl catalogue, this time featuring the rising talent Wave Particle Singularity bringing a marriage of microhouse textures and airy jazzy riffs, giving the whole EP subtle lo-fi colors ranging from Romanian to Detroitish influences. The EP is elegantly closed with a special remix from the Arad born talent and Sunwaves fueler, Herck.

Early supports from Sepp, Cosmjn, Dragutesku, and more.

Grab your copy of Chroniques Binaires EP from deejay.de

Follow Wave Particle Singularity on soundcloud.

Osmosis Audio previous two releases are vinyl-only EPs feature artists such as Sebastian Paiza, Chris Dezz, Alan Castro, Coriesu, Nektar Agu, Felipe Venegas.


Artists: Wave Particle Singularity, Herck 
Title: Chroniques Binaires
Label: Osmosis Audio
Cat. number: OSMV003
Release date: 13.12.2018
Format: Vinyl-only



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