The fifth EP from B-Haus: B-Haus005

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The fifth EP from B-Haus: B-Haus005
The fifth EP from B-Haus: B-Haus005

The fifth EP from B-Haus starts with “Carne de burro”, a vigorous techno track that intertwines a base heavy acid groove with a thumping kick drum that keeps on building it reaches its squelching crescendo.

“Swing Ting” takes distorted drums, insistent chords and drops a huge slab of sub bass to smash the dance floor. This is the sort of club music you feel!

Buuk steps up to remix “Swing Ting”, keeping the original’s bass heavy ethos Buuk ups the ante (and BPM) whilst adding acidic washes and a morphing bassline to take this track to a distorted and frantic conclusion.

B-haus005 continues the progress and evolution of the label whilst firmly keeping our focus on the dance floor.

ARTIST: Blamhaus
TITLE: B-haus005
CAT. #: B-haus005
GENRE: Techno
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 12/12/2018

Words by Reach Promo

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