Thomas Hoffknecht – Open Your Eyes (Micro.fon)

Thomas Hoffknecht - Open Your Eyes (Micro.fon)

Thomas Hoffknecht – Open Your Eyes (Micro.fon)

Welcome to the latest release of DJ Emerson‘s Micro.fon imprint.

Thomas Hoffknecht managed to put together an incredible collection of his most recent works.

The minimalism of his past days is still visible but he prefers a bit more heavy techno nowadays. Screaming hihats, heavy bassdrums and rolling basses are constant factors in all of his tunes.

Thomas is a techno-producing-maniac putting together 3-5 tracks a day. All of the tunes were mastered and mixed by DJ Emerson to ensure the heavy sound these tunes have. And also to let Thomas focus purely on putting together his trademark-style-tracks which he produces in a rush of creativity within a couple of hours always trying to stay in the moment and go with the flow and not be distracted from the moment of each groove. This is what often diversifies a strong track from a hit record. It’s often a track that takes shape within a couple of minutes and because of the easyness and the simple grooves these tunes have a lot of people can relate to that and this is Mr Hoffknechts speciality. Surely one of a kind this Hamburg kid.

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