Take 5 – Salah Sadeq

We had a chat with Techfui boss Salah Sadeq about their latest release from Russian trio Sonnen Blumen Kerne, his plans for Techfui and much more. Check what he had to say below.

Hi Salah, thanks for having a chat with us. What can you tell us about ‘Ginko’ EP, which is out soon on your Techfui label?

To begin with, I can say we are very proud and thankful to have an EP on the label. We have a lot of good music in our vault, but due to numerous distribution issues with previous partners and other industry issues we took it easy and let things cool down. Meanwhile focusing on the curator series the first of which “Diyezerk Canetis” by Diamond Setter and a sampler Components compilation was released just to keep people in the loop of what we were up to and that we were still around haha.

It just so happened that Ruslan from SBK and I were in touch over different conversations about life, music, life in music and our frustrations in the distribution and pressing of vinyl for our labels.

We were just going over our music and I heard the originals for this pack and I wanted it. The way it happened I just had to have it out and I guess it gave me a kick to figure things out and close in on new pressing and distribution deals and voila!


How did you get Anton Kubikov on board for the remix on the release?

I have to give all credit to Ruslan from SBK here. He was in touch with Anton. Both us of being big fans of his work and humbleness. Listening to what Anton was up to made all sense to have him on the remix. We let him choose which track and he came back pretty quick with something very solid. I could not have wished for something better. We had 1 listen of a work in progress and the next bit he sent was his finished version. I just asked if I could send it to master it, thats it.

What would you say makes Techfui a unique label?

Techfui as a brand overall has always been about highlighting a pure positive vibe to share with like-minded people. No superficial, pretentious, wannabe this or wannabe that crap. Find our soul and live it. Hopefully, we click and enjoy it together.

Keeping true to what I said about releasing music on the label we are focused on having fresh talents with unique and characteristic music and having established and/or respectable names in the industry collaborating on the releases.


You’re a producer as well as a label owner, what can you tell us about your own sound?

My sound to me has (once I realised what it was) has always been about deep, down, dirty, sexy, under your skin, groovy beats, with abstract bits and pieces. Whether it is downtempo or techno I like it to be this way.


Who would you say is the biggest influence on your music?

First, it would be moments. I am most inspired to do something whether it is DJ or produce or release music or make an event when I share moments with good people. I kind of feel this spark of energy and want to share it out more. When I cannot have these moments I feel I dry up a bit and can’t get into a flow to do anything. So a good night out to a good party with good music, digging records with a friend, hanging at friends checking out music and enjoying food etc etc does it for me.


Do you have anything coming up from your own music?

Yes, I have picked up on a lot of projects that were dragging for numerous reasons.

We are working not the next EP for Saché & Saché with my friend Cheh.
Hoolz and I are working on finishing 2 more tracks for another release.

I have a fun bootleg edit I am working on (which I will play this weekend at a boat party in Dubai) and then not sure maybe just give it to a few that like it.

Also, have 3 tracks of my own that I need to get back on to.

Not to forget I have 2 open projects with Will, my friend in Toronto, that were sounding pretty tight and cannot wait to return to Toronto to get back on those.


And what can we expect from Techfui in 2019?

We are going to focus on the next Curator Series compilation that Demi / ASOY is working on. If anyone wants to share something special to us please do so I am up for having a nice special piece on board that was unexpected.

Then we will release some material from our vault as vinyl mini compilations.

There should be more events that we are working on as long as we find the right venues.


Who would you really love to put out on the label?

At the moment I would really like to have Dauwd, Barac, Ripperton, Silat Beksi, Ada Kahleh. I was with Steve Rachmad last weekend and he was saying how he is getting his studio groove on again and would be really nice to have something with him onboard.


What has been your favourite release of 2018?

Hmmm, tough one. I think I sent an answer to this to another interview. I think I mentioned 3 tracks. Please, everyone, google and check what I wrote 😉


And finally, what 3 records do you always keep in your bag?

Oh man, there are some records that are always there and some that I keep playing every other gig over 4 years now. Oops

Upadhmaniya – Hasiya – 4th Groove

Bloodlock (Kay Aka Khalil Touihri Edit) – Sasha

Ce Ce Rogers – SomeDay – WMG

Scott Grooves – Dark Blu

There are a few more on rotation but for now, I mention these.


‘Sonnen Blumen Kerne – Ginko EP’ is out now on Techfui.

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