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This year we introduced something new on our online platforms, bringing artists closer to their listeners by exclusively featuring full-length tracks from their upcoming releases to the public. Here’s the Top 10 for feeder sound exclusive premieres of 2018.

We listen to a lot of rhythms here at and we are opened to a variety of styles, from electronic dance music to ambient, trip-hop, experimental and almost everything in between. Aside from giving artists the chance to promote themselves, showcasing exclusive materials before they are officially published can offer a good insight into the music brought forward. The tracks we received come from both local and international artists, as well as friends and collaborators, delivering groovy vibes from a vast sound dimension.

It’s time to count down from number┬á10 to number 1 and see┬áwhich cuts you listened to the most.


feeder sound exclusive premiere: Fierbinteanu - Humanity 90%

10.┬áFierbin╚Ťeanu ÔÇô Humanity 90% (246 plays)

Romanian art-pop duo┬áFierbin╚Ťeanu returns with a new conceptual album, a contemporary interdisciplinary manifesto infused with a variety of musical influences and multimedia performances. “Humanity 90%” is┬áthe opening track of the LP, titled The Great Scheme Of Things” and stands as an artistic declaration, revolving around the encounter between the “real-fake” artists and other relevant and irrelevant subjects and slogans of our present-day agenda.


Halka & Golcea - Spore [artwork]

9.┬áHalka & Golcea – Spore (392 plays)

Alex Halka and Vlaicu Golcea┬áare two Romanian artists who work in a variety of crossover musical territories, from techno to contemporary art installations, film and theatre. “Spore” features a distinct sound, flavoured with industrial influences, a driving percussion, eerie evolving pads and an intricate sound design.


feeder sound exclusive premiere: Robert David - De Pilda / Nimic Si Tot

8.┬áRobert David – Nimic Si Tot (500 plays)

With his EP “Buricul┬áPamantului” enjoying massive support earlier this year, and with his label releasing more and more amazing material, local artist┬áRobert David┬áis on the rise. “Nimic┬áSi Tot”┬áunfolds as a deep and dubby cut, with rich atmospheres and reverberating sounds leading the minimalistic rhythm.


feeder sound exclusive premiere: Chemars - PNG EP [Sang Out Of Tune]

7.┬áChemars – Catch You (682 plays)

Unfolding as a┬áhouse-infused rhythm┬áinfluenced by the dance culture of the ÔÇÖ90s, “Catch You” signed by Chemars is a part of “PNG EP” released earlier┬áthis year by the local imprint┬áSang Out Of Tune. Spiced-up by vintage sounds, the track is designed with┬áa soulful and deep touch,┬áfeaturing a vocal sample as the main motif for the build-ups.


#FLUID performance 2017 foto ┬ę Petre Ghiocel silver print

6. #Fluid – Stage Is Yours (786 plays)

Born in 2016, #FLUID is a queer act based in Bucharest. The project consists of the collaboration between Paul Dunca / Paula Dunker (performer, choreographer, playwright), Alex Bălă (musician) and other warped creatures. Using sound, music and the microphone, they fit into the techno-faggothique neo-genre.


Schime - Bad Dream EP

5.┬áSchime – Ambient (871 plays)

“Ambient” is one of the tracks from Bad Dream EP” signed┬áby Hungarian artist Schime and released on wax by┬áSimple Things Records. The track is designed to deliver a relaxed state of mind, with dubby textures and a steady percussion. Reverberating elements create an organic┬ásoundtrack for one’s emotions.


4.┬áMP (Mihai Popescu) – No Drama (1500 plays)

Romanian tastemaker, Mihai Popescu aka MP, is known for his classy, intricate minimal cuts. “No Drama” is one of the tracks from “Still 1 Measure EP ÔÇô Part 2” released with the Parisian label Steppin’ Motion Records. The composition is an alluring journey into a┬ádaydream-like state of mind. The organic background textures are ever-morphing while the driving percussion delivers intensity to the whole.


Javier Carballo - Silver Smile ep, Double 12 coming soon on Vatos Locos

3.┬áJavier Carballo – Reborn (1634 plays)

“I did feel reborn after a difficult situation in my life and the music helped me to feel alive again, as always. That’s why the track is named this way. I think Reborn┬áis perfect for the early hours at an after party.” ÔÇô Javier Carballo


bucurie - valsul muzelor edit x otaku

2.┬áBucurie – Valsul Muzelor (Edit x Otaku) (5244 plays)

“I truly think that music is a feeling. It’s part of our souls, part of us. Music is always with you. You have a playlist there for every different mood you experience. At the beginning of the year, Domenico and Mario asked me if I want to release something on their label. A lot of hours spent in the studio and that’s how┬áOTK005┬áwas made. It was amazing that Otaku supported my first vinyl release.┬áValsul muzelor┬áis that emotional side of┬áBucurie. A track specially edited for my collaboration with Otaku.” ÔÇô┬áBucurie


feeder sound exclusive premiere Dragutesku Fonetic

1. Dragutesku – Fonetic┬á(5770 plays)

“I liked the collaboration with┬áUnic┬ábecause they are very professional and visionary guys. The song fits perfectly with the other tracks on the VA. It was a good chemistry from the start.” ÔÇô┬áDragutesku


As the end of this year is getting closer and closer, stay tuned for other tops and surprises!┬á­čĺą


Words by: AndreiB

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