feeder sound 193 mixed by Nanc

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feeder sound 193 mixed by Nanc

Coming from the Russian Federation, Nanc is our guest for this week, ready to entertain us with her charming house oriented selection. It’s time for yet another feeder sound podcast to deliver that special dancing vibe we all love!

Anastasiya Panikhina aka Nanc is a DJ and composer currently living in the city of Perm, Russia. About 3 years ago at an event in Moscow, she was deeply impressed by the Romanian artists playing there and started to learn more about the features of that minimalistic and hypnotic sound. Exploring the vast universe of electronic dance music and mixing became the essential attributes of her life.

With a passion for quality house and techno rhythms packed in vibrant selections played at amazing parties, she’s a steadily rising talent in the underground scene. Her sound is warm and playful, having groovy and energetic moments as it draws influence from a variety of styles, with a focus on the contemporary movement. In the near future, we will also have the chance to listen to her first productions, as she’s now working on a release, so stay tuned!

“I’m glad to present my new podcast focusing on the deeper and minimal spectrum of house music! Enjoy listening!” – Nanc

feeder sound 193 mixed by Nanc is a delightful blend of various colours of house rhythms. Starting on a soulful and melancholic note, it gently flows into more pumping vibrations, flavoured with deep and melodic moments. The smooth transitions create a mesmerising story as the carefully selected tracks elegantly slide one into another. Some really funky cuts spice-up the mix, adding an exotic feeling to the whole, while some more minimalistic ones maintain a steady balance. An alluring combination of sounds, perfect for properly getting in the mood for the weekend. Dear feeders, it’s time to shake your body! 🎶

Nanc on soundcloud | facebook
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro


Words by AndreiB


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