MP (Mihai Popescu) – Still 1 Measure EP – Part 2 [Steppin’ Motion]

MP (Mihai Popescu) - Still 1 Measure EP - Part 2 [Steppin' Motion]

MP (Mihai Popescu) – Still 1 Measure EP – Part 2 [Steppin’ Motion]

After a successful debut with MP aka Mihai Popescu delivering the first part of “Still 1 Measure EP”, the French label Steppin’ Motion returns with Part 2. Continuing the story carefully crafted by Mihai, this second release aims to empower the concept behind the imprint managed by Swoop, and that is to promote music as an art form of expression.

Born in Craiova, Romania, Mihai Popescu is a producer and DJ with an extended activity in the world of electronic dance music. Working with Sublee under the Marsomatic700 alias, as well as dispatching several 12” with labels like Bass Culture, Rora, Metereze, Mulen, Purism, and his own, Soulsity, his mesmerising compositions always deliver top-notch vibes. With influences from various subgenres of house, minimal or Detroit techno, Mihai created something unique, something that you can’t pinpoint exactly, but will definitely sound hypnotizing.

Here’s what we’re talking about, an example of his elegant and passionate approach to music, B1 titled “No Drama”, an alluring journey into a daydream-like state of mind. The organic background textures are ever-morphing while the driving percussion delivers intensity and fluidity to the whole. The dusty hi-hats and the subtle reverberating finger snaps roll with the rich bassline, as the pumping rhythm flows into an introspective dimension.

Listen to the full-length cut on feeder sound, as we had the pleasure to exclusively premiere this beautiful track in August, before the official release of the EP:

Now, going back to Side A, there’s “Rum Drum”, a dance-oriented piece flavoured with playful pads, colourful delayed notes and a dynamic percussion. The wobbling bassline adds resonance to the minimalistic house-infused arrangements while the melodic motif is designed to move your feelings.

Having a distinct and warm texture, both tracks reveal a deep and soulful narrative, connecting with the first part of the EP to form a groovy concept. This is a must-have for any collector or selector so grab your copy of “Still 1 Measure EP – Part 2” at


Artist: MP (Mihai Popescu)
Title: Still 1 Measure EP – Part 2
Label: Steppin’ Motion
Cat. number: SMR002
Release date: 07.11.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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